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Accomplished Residential Shingle Roofers for 20+ Years

Roofing, Roofers, Residential Shingle Roofers, Reroof, JJ Roofing LLC

Who Is J&J Roofing LLC?

We are Jonas Yoder and John Hershberger and the crew of J&J Roofing LLC in Dundee Ohio. John and I have worked for the same construction company since we were teenagers. When I was twenty and John was nineteen, we decided that we wanted to have our own roofing company. We promptly quit our jobs, purchased a truck and enough tools for the two of us, and hit the road looking for jobs. We started out mostly doing new construction residential roofing and over time, we have transferred to mostly residential reroofs. We now have twelve employees and three crews that average two roofs per day! Through the years, we have gained extensive knowledge in advanced roofing techniques and problem-solving in all areas of residential roofing! Our dream has become a reality and we are so thankful that… Read More

What We Do

We provide a high-quality service in the profession of residential roofing to the homeowners of North-East Ohio. All of the members of our crew are technically skilled in every area of roofing to where we are confident in letting them represent our name! Our boys work smart and hard! They know their trade to the minute detail. No corners will be cut because we take pride in our work and we enjoy knowing that our work on each roof will stand as a testament to our labor for many years. 

We only use the best materials in every project! You cannot build a good name, a successful business, or a clear conscience with low-quality, or less than A-grade material! Thus, each time we find better materials, we change to use those materials to support the techniques of our craft. We arrive on-site with the best materials and tools available, period!

Roofing, Roofers, Residential Shingle Roofers, Reroof, JJ Roofing LLC
Roofing, Roofers, Residential Shingle Roofers, Reroof, JJ Roofing LLC

We work in a timely fashion yet, we do not cut corners! We do not waste our time or yours by taking longer than necessary on a job. We are not strangers to hang-ups, we have had many unexpected variables appear. Yet, we don’t let that cheapen our work. It may slow down productivity or delay our finish time, but we simply evaluate the problem, fix it, and move forward!

We are proud of our work and our heritage! Our company was built from the ground up by those that still own and operate J&J Roofing LLC. We started this business because we enjoyed construction and working together. We are truly proud and eager for the coming future!

Have any Questions?

If you have any questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to contact us! We would be happy to answer any questions! If you have a project that you need or want to start, we are here when you are ready. The contact button to start the process is just below this sentence. 

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