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More than a free estimate for your roof

More than a free estimate for your roof: J& J Roofing

With J & J roofing you receive more than just a free estimate for your roof!

Free Estimates: Not just a quote

We provide free estimates along with attic inspections that we perform as we give estimates. If we are measuring a roof for a customer and it seems like he has a lot of bad wood and poor ventilation, then we will inspect the attic to make sure they don’t have mold or ventilation issues and yes that is all included in the free estimate!

You would normally expect to pay hundreds of dollars for an inspection like this! Not with J & J Roofing. We want your family to be healthy and will look, with your permission, if we see signs indicating an underlying problem may exist.

We are not just interested in giving out estimates. We provide value to all the homeowners we serve.

If we see any issues, we will point them out to you.

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